ISTD: Books Still?

This project was my entry for the ISTD student awards 2013. The brief that I chose to design for was called Book Still? This looked at how we read in the 21st century.

I chose to look at how we read and interact with smartphone technology. As well as this, I also treated the typography to help reflect the effect of touch interaction on the devices content in a literal way.

The two typefaces that I used for this project are Droid Serif and Droid Sans. These fonts are used on most current Android mobile devices. The casing for the screen sized cards was shaped using a laser cutter and etched using a laser cutter too. Everything was created and prepared for cutting by myself in Illustrator.

ISTD Books Still
ISTD Books Still pinch zoom
ISTD Books Still screen rotate
ISTD Books Still screen loading
ISTD Books Still pinch zoom out
ISTD Books Still project information