SS Kurve Typeface

This brief required me to create a printed or
digital publication. I chose the printed form.
I had to focus on two methodologies from
differing times and communicate the impact
of technology in one of five ways.

I chose to look at how blended technologies
work in a single brief workflow. From here
I chose to narrate and record the process of
creating a typeface in Illustrator. I researched
two varying practitioners and then recorded
my process of creation, from hand-rendered
to digital. I also reflected on how error effects
the workflow for both methodologies.

Program: InDesign, Illustrator & Photoshop
Paper (cover): 85gsm Fabriano Bio Prima
Paper (body): 60gsm Offenbach Bible Paper
Paper (body): 112gsm Tracing Paper
Size: 240mm x 180mm
Method: Double sided large format inkjet
Binding: French Fold Japanese Stab Binding