Self Promotion

This brief required me to produce material to
promote myself as a Designer. The projects
concept was based on creative paper folding.
I found an interest in this area during my first
year of University. The package is made up
of two inter-linked items, the business card
and the CV. The CV is made using a simple
envelope fold that is simple to unfold and
then re-fold. The business card takes the form
of the folded CV and acts as a seal for the CV.

My leave behind is a sample of my Falte typeface
that is contained by a Japanese roll fold box.

Program: Illustrator, InDesign
CV Paper: 80gsm Soporset Offset
Box Paper: 100gsm Context White
Falte Strips: 80gsm Soporset Offset
Contact Cards: Fabriano Accademia 200gsm
Method: Double sided large format inkjet
Size: Various depending on printed outcome

This project is connected to my Self Promotion Process Book project [link].